In-Store Experience

Digital Signage that Adapts to Each Individual Customer

Deploy individualized recommendations shown on regular digital displays based on past purchases and/or customer profiles. By detecting physical proximity between a smartphone and each in-store display, the display shows personalized product suggestions as a customer walks by. The screens can be further customized to only display suggestions from a particular aisle or store area. Active recommendations based on both touch and voice input are also possible with customers using their mobile phone apps or speaking directly to the digital display.

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Quick and Easy Deployment

Through our partnership with Sophatar, turn any existing display into a proximity-enabled display. Simply connect a small add-on device to any regular digital display to allow the Sophatar system to detect proximity between a smartphone and create user interactivity; no additional hardware needs to be installed. Sophatar provides a fully-functional mobile app, or a software development kit (SDK) to integrate into an existing mobile app, while the QM Scientific AI-platform powers the individualized recommendations and voice interactions.