What we do

QM Scientific is empowering the next generation consumer retail experience in-home, in-store and online through deep learning and computer vision. The QM Scientific AI retail platform continuously learns individual shopping habits and preferences by mining data from Point of Sale, Loyalty systems, the web and partner IoT devices. Brands, retailers and partner solutions then leverage our software service for the intelligence needed to create truly individualized shopping experiences that delight their customers and increase average basket size.

for Retailers

Increase consumer engagement and basket-size through a true 1:1 in-home, in-store, or online consumer experience powered by predictive shopping and smart product recommendations.

Shopping Assistant In-Store Experience

for Brands

Reach consumers where most impulse shopping happens, in-store. Our platform precisely predicts when and what each individual consumer would be most interested in purchasing.

In-Store Experience

for IoT

Add predictive shopping, personalized smart recommendations and receipt sensing to your IoT product: in-home shopping devices, in-store solutions, digital wallet, connected car or smart home appliance.

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What People Are Saying

  • Poised to disrupt and drive the future of retail

    National Retail Federation

  • A company to watch out for

    Jeff Herbst - VP Business Development at NVIDIA